In 2005  we were impressed by the classic Muskoka or Adirondack chairs made of recycled plastic in Canada, and were convinced that in Europe people would be interested.  We took the time to select the best suppliers in terms of products, quality, service and reliability, which took some time.

But finally in 2007 we started to import the classic Canadian chairs from recycled plastic into Europe. We were one of the first, which is why our company name has almost become a generic name, so we have done something right!

We are proud of the items that we have in our range, all made entirely from recycled plastic, so better for the environment. Many happy private customers and various great projects have chosen our items. They have done this because of the comfort, ease of use, virtually no maintenance, the 10-year guarantee and because you can leave them outside all year round.

But also partly because they cherish the environment and that it is better to reuse plastic than to throw it away. We offer everyone the possibility of combining a lifestyle with a responsible attitude towards the environment resp. a sustainable lifestyle. Whether you prefer the more classical Muskoka chair or Adirondack chair or a more modern style. See for yourself!

On FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn we share customer pictures, information on our items but also general information on recycling plastic, other ways to use e.g. empy milk containers. Have a look and start to follow, like and share us. After all, we all benefit from reusing plastic!

Best regards,

Paul Hooijer & Marjo Thoonen

PS: And we are obviously proud of all the reviews  from our customers.

"Green living has never been easier and more comfortable"


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